Saturday, April 19, 2014

Internet Marketing For College Greaduates

Internet Marketing For College Graduates provides information on how you can  start an Internet Marketing Business for the fortune 500 companies

Internet Marketing By George Baez is a group of business owners from across the country providing a business system, training and world-class support to individuals looking to supplement their income or are seeking business ownership through a home base business in marketing, endorsement, and promotion for the fortune 500 companies.
Our free launch event helps individuals launch their independent business using our unique business concepts and principles.Companies we are under contract, Best Buy, Apple, Office Depot, Sears,  Home Depot, Starbucks,  just to mention a few.
AS the Founder and CEO of “Internet Marketing By Team One NY” and now “Internet Marketing For College Graduates” I am bringing my coaching and mentorship program to the young man and women because statistic show 53.6 percent under the age of 25 with a bachelor degrees are jobless or unemployed. We need to fight for our young people. The young entrepreneurs are the ones that can give America the necessary leverage to remain an economic super power. I will convey in my blogs, ” change your thinking, change habits you succeed in business”. You future is determine on the habits you create today. Your habits are your daily action which is how you arrive at your results. You feed yourself positive thoughts you get into good habits, you get successful results. This is the mine set and concepts you can expect to find here at “Internet Marketing For College Students”.
I am an average person who started “network marketing” business because when our economy suffer its “Heart Attack” on Sept. 15 2008, the day Lehman Brothers, an investment bank that has been around since the 1840′s  file chapter 11 and then all the other companies follow suit. It was not long before I fell into my financial hole. With that in mind I created “Internet Marketing By Team One NY” and  now “Internet Marketing  For Recent College graduates”. 
Our  program consists of personal development and business development.

I would like to get to know you. if Network Marketing for the fortune 500 companies sounds good to you email me. I formed my closes relationships via email. I have put together an excellent ideal start point, which will give you an overview. I would like to send you the first step, a short video of my program and the fortune 500 companies I keep to your email inbox, then take you through our free workshop. I would like to know you, say Hi in my comments. send me an email and sign up for my video at,

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