Monday, December 29, 2014

Free Internet Marketing Business Workshop

Free Internet Business Workshop to help the economy get back to recovery

Drowning in your financial situation? You are not alone! As of October 2013 Fifteen million people were unemployed making this job market the worst in generations.
What do you do if you are out of work or stressed out because you think your job is next? What is the solution? Start your own Home Base Internet Business. 

I have spent the past few years coaching people of all ages, all backgrounds and all professions in how to start, build and market their own Internet business working as the Marketing Arms for the fortune 500 companies. Companies like, Sears, Home Depot, Starbucks, Best Buy, Office Depot, Apple, Target, Forever 21, Omaha Steaks, just to mention a few of the companies.

 Is not the best and brightest that succeed but those who are given opportunities and have the presence of mind to seize them”, Malcolm Gladwell. 

Carl Schramm, author of the “Entrepreneurial Imperative” writes, “Entrepreneur alone not anything else can give America the necessary leverage to remain an economic super power”. No Entrepreneurs, no recovery.

Online shopping has become a billion dollar business.

"Team One NY" will teach you the simple steps of building an Internet business. Free Workshop, Free training, Free web site.

"Team One NY" gives people the Business Edge.

We are changing the way of doing business using computer technology. We connect the fortune 500 companies to individuals, like yourself, that are looking for business ownership through a home base web business. These Companies are looking to expand their web presence and brand recognition, thus increase their annual revenue without spending millions of dollars on advertisements. These companies are willing to pay home base entrepreneurs, like yourself very lucrative that can create volume for them.

 How would you build web Presence and create business volume? You will start your own marketing and distribution company that will change the shopping habits of the American household from brick and mortar to click and order using the latest leading-edge technology that is revolutionizing the way people shop and receive products and services. We are currently looking for qualified candidates to further assist us in the development of our dot com. Our free Internet workshops and training will help you start, build, and market your own business.

Click the link below for more info and short video on Team One.
Who We Are, What We Do, and How We Earn Income. 

Business Specialist, George



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leaders are not born, leaders are made


Leaders are not born, leaders are made.


Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one, be without the strategy." Norman Schwarzkopf. if you want to lead people to success you must lead by example. People do not follow word, they follow action, they follow your character.
Internet Marketing By George Baez understands leaders lead others to success.

We understand leaders are not born, leaders are made.

Our business mentorship program is creating business leaders across the country. If Internet marketing for the fortune 500 companies is something you want to do, take the first step and register for my short video at and start your journey of becoming a business leader.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Work With The Number One Business In The World


Work With The # 1 Online Business In The World

: :

We have two income programs: 1, $50,000- 60,000 annual income - 12- 18 month Part Time. 2, $ 150,000 + annual income - 2- 5 years- more commitment.

Internet marketing By George Baez has a formula for success to help you succeed. If you have tried an online business or a Home base business and felt like you were running on a treadmill. This program is for you. If you are new to Online business, come aboard and prepare for an incredible ride. You will be working with the number one online business in the world. You should have some computer skills, but not required. Our mentorship/coaching program will not cost you anything.

My mentorship program is not going to tell you what all these so called Internet Marketing Guru are saying," Oh you can make $1000.00 in your first week", "Bologna". If it was that easy everyone is making a six figure income. It requires work and effort, it is simple but is not easy.

Here is the game changer, You will learn how to market for the fortune 500 companies. You will learn how to advertise for free, you will get your own online Mall with your name your photo, etc...

Why do I do this for free? because the fortune 500 companies are looking to create business volume from the Internet and when I help get your business up and running creating $50,000 we both win, the companies pay me, not you.

First step is to register for our short video at,

and get an overview. Email me to get your access code to our launch/workshop class you will be able to watch from your computer in the comfort of your home. Then I will follow up with getting you started.

Friday, May 2, 2014

College Graduates continue facing difficult times in the job market.

Internet Marketing By George Baez is a group of business owners from across the country providing a business system, training and world-class support to individuals looking to supplement their income or are seeking business ownership through a home base business in marketing, endorsement, and promotion for the fortune 500 companies.

As the Founder and CEO of “Internet Marketing By Team One NY” and now “Internet Marketing For College Students/ Graduates” I am bringing my coaching and mentorship program to the young man and women because statistic show 53.6 percent under the age of 25 with a bachelor degrees are jobless or unemployed.

Our free launch event helps individuals launch their independent business using our unique business concepts and principles.Companies we are under contract, Best Buy, Apple, Office Depot, Sears,  Home Depot, Starbucks,  just to mention a few.

I would like to get to know you. If Network Marketing for the fortune 500 companies sounds good to you email me. I formed my closes relationships via email. I have put together an excellent ideal start point, which will give you an overview. I would like to send you the first step, a short video of my program and the fortune 500 companies I keep to your email inbox, then take you through our free workshop. I would like to know you, say Hi in my comments. send me an email and sign up for my video at,

Big Achievement Starts With Big Dreams


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Start, Build,and Market your Internt Business

Hi I am George Baez the Founder and CEO of Team One NY and now, Internet Marketing For Recent College Graduates. We are providing a business system, training and world-class support to individuals looking to supplement their income or seeking business ownership through a home base business in marketing, endorsement, and promotion for the fortune 500 companies.
 We are in contract with companies you know, love and trust like Sears, Home Depot, Apple, Starbucks, Best Buy, Gap, Old Navy and Forever 21 to mention few.
I am an average person who started Network marketing business because what I was doing was not working, I am sure you will be able to relate to this. I knew deep down inside no matter how long or how hard I worked in my government job or my traditional business, which was the antique business, I will just live pay check to pay check and in some few instances I made a hefty income, I made it with long working hours and did not have the time to do the things I wanted to do. I began to vision, if I continue in this routine, I am going to fall in the same fate that you and so many other could and will fall in. I came to realize that I can work in my government job for 35 years, retire with a small pension and then only to come to the realization one works for 35 years, retires to enjoy their retirement years of freedom to find out one cannot make enough money to enjoy their freedom. With that in mind I started my Internet Business and created Team One NY                                                                                                                                                                                         Today I am free and never have to work for another person again. It gives me great pleasure, as trivial as this may sound, I get the opportunity to take my 10 year old daughter to school and pick her up. How many fathers can make that claim?

As the Founder and CEO I am working with people from all walks of life, the working class, the stay home moms, and yes the business executives. Internet marketing for College Students/graduates, I am working with individuals from all majors and fields. I understand your goal is to supplement your income and pay your college debts, or are looking for business ownership through an internet business to reach your dreams and accomplish your goals and build a life by design not by default.
Now you can learn how to start, build and market your Internet Business and climb out of your financial situation.
I understand how to help individuals because I feel their pain. In 2009 I got into a financial hole. It started when I purchased several properties, cash in Cost Rica and Pennsylvania. I did not mine depleting my account temporary because I had plenty of income coming in from my antique business and rental property. The mistake I made was not to plan for the future and the unforeseen circumstances happened. "Mother Nature" blew the huge tree planted in front of the house onto the roof. Yes, a scene from 'The Wizard Of Oz". The tenants had to leave and I had no income. Not to bore you with the details, long story short, I had to battle the insurance company, it dragged on for months. The income I came a custom to was no longer there. The funds I depleted were no longer there. I did not laid down and die because, I am the kind of person that believes anyone can achieve whatever they desire. You can do anything you want in this life, you may have to work a little harder or it may come a little easier than the person next to you but you can achieve it.
I worked twice as hard on my Internet Business and today as the co-founder of Team One NY  and Internet marketing For College Graduates I learned to revolutionize my business on the Internet. Today because of my business I find myself free of never having to work for anyone. I am not saying this to say, BOO HOO, look at how great I am. NO, I do not think I am great, because I am not. I am just an ordinary person that learned through my mentors to do extraordinary things.
This is why I am here. I feel your pain and to all those that struggle in their financial situation, to all those that are struggling to get their home base business off the ground.   I have learned after several years in the business I found the secret to my success was having a mentor that has accomplished the things I wanted. A mentor that can take me down the right path. Internet Marketing for College Students /Graduates  is developing successful business owners with a plan and reason why. When you go through our mentorship program you will find that dream in your heart and a purpose in your step. I would like to get to know your story. If this sounds good to you , email me, I have form my closes
relationship via email. I have put together an excellent ideal starting point which will give you an overview. I would first like to send you the first step, a short video to your email inbox then take you through our free workshop. I would like to get to know you, say Hi in my comment. Send me an email and request for my video.

Business Specialist George
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